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Books for Hope

Hello Wonderful People,

I am creating two books; the first is "Words to Lift the Heart," a book of encouraging quotes and sayings for hard times. 

The second book is a children's book with words of affirmation. 

My whimsical illustrations will accompany both books.

I want these books to be community projects.


This is a page to post updates on the book's progress.

February 21- Books of Hope
Refining and Taking Shape

Hello Wonderful People, 


The books are coming along and starting to take shape. 

Doing this project together has been so beautiful and rich. I could not have imagined this much good could come out of the process.  

I am excited. 

I have met with four discussion groups in person and had hundreds of online and in-person conversations, both big and small. Some people write pages of informations, and others send a quote and words of advice. It's been rich, beautiful, and humbling, and it has been a pure honour to work with so many amazing insightful, caring people. The amount of help coming in has touched me so deeply. 


I am currently refining and sorting the information and putting it together for these two books. 

I will have another in-person refining group next week.  During the week of March 6th, I will be doing a big social media book week. During this time, I will be asking lots of questions and showing you what I have so far.

I look forward to your help. This week will be posted on Instagram(@IllustratorSaraGagnon) and Facebook (Illustrator Sara Gagnon)


I hope to have the ruff draft for both books done by the end of March. 



Jan. 25th 2023- First book- Hope in Hard Times
 Researching Personal Journys and Collecting Quotes 

I am meeting different groups and having conversations about hope in hard times.  I will take our discussions and incorporate them into the book.

Would you like to Join the discussion? I would love your insight. :)

If you are interested, you can email me, and I will send you the info:)

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