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This list was created as a place where I can pour into and bless those who like my work. There is also a special coupon you receive when you sign up. 5 prints for the price of 3!

Email list Reviews

Thanks so much for your monthly email. I love to see your beautiful art and your new on-line store items, which are so adorable. It’s great to be able to keep in touch with what’s new and I’m always looking forward to your monthly giveaways. 

Lucie Daze

"I have absolutely adored all the inspirational messages and adorable and gorgeous pieces!"

Krista Hamel

You are amazing Sara! What a beautiful message in your video. Very uplifting and real. Angela Poole


I do so appreciate your art and your encouraging words that you share.

Jennifer Uhryniw


I love getting your emails! it makes me smile :)

Abby Poole


I really enjoyed your video’s on creativity and self expression….what do you want to say with the language of creativity and how it takes practice.  A necessary reminder to go back to the paints and paper to play. 

Tegan Brophy

I love receiving your emails because it keeps me up to date on the beautiful additions to your Red Bubble store Angela Poole

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