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Recommendations for other Classes

No one teacher can help you with everything you need to become a great artist. I highly recommend taking many classes from different teachers. 


Emma Lefebre- Watercolour Flowers and still life. 

Emma is a good teacher, and her works vary in complexities, but for the most part, she gears towards beginners. She is fun and smooth to follow along. 

 Abstract Poppies YouTube class 

Creationsceecee- Flowers- Simple- intuitive- fun- play

Doodle loose flowers YouTube class 

Geoff Kersey- Trees and landscapes

Tree Demo

Maria Racznskya- No words- Landscape Demos- Really well done. 

Landscape Demo

Karen Rice- No words- More advanced detailed flowers

Poppy Demo

Local Kelowna Teachers

City of Kelowna Guide

Tina Siddiqui- Teaches acrylic, pastels, drawing, portraits, and watercolour.

I have taken a portraits class with her, and she does know her stuff. The course I took was not structured; she helped us work on our projects. It's different for each class. I recommend her. 

New Moon Gallery

Linda Lovisa- Teaches Acrylic and Pastel, I have not taken a class with her, but I talked with her for a while she loves teaching and has been doing it for a long time. She is a very talented artist- Her use of light and colour are incredible. After doing a short demo, she guides you along, helping you paint your works. 

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