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Why take a class with Sara?


  • All supplies used in class are included! No need to spend $$ on supplies just to take a course or workshop. (Though you'll probably want to get your own to continue at home.)

  • No two classes are alike! We complete a different painting in each class. So whether you're a repeat student or a newbie, you'll paint something new.

  • Classes are customized  to your levels. We show how to make each step harder or easier.  ​

  • Classes are kept small for more one-on-one time. 

Creativity is inventing experimenting, frowning, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.

If you’ve painted before and are trying to decide between taking the beginners or intermediate class, ask yourself:

“How often do I already paint at home?”


Intermediate classes move fast, with an emphasis on learning more techniques in a limited time. They’re designed with the assumption that students already paint regularly at home, a few times per week. As such, you should be prepared to paint quickly in intermediate classes, push your limits and expand what you already know, as well as have basic techniques and vocabulary mastered.


I recommend most new students take the beginners classes at first to become comfortable with the ins and outs of my method of teaching and to have a shared foundation. I’d rather you are a top-performer in a beginners class than a rushed, frustrated student in intermediate. The majority of my intermediate students over the years have all started with my beginners classes, even if they have previous painting experience.


Remember, because the class sizes are small, I can customize to your ability and give you extra projects to work on during a beginners class if you finish before other students. I would rather you be comfortable and enjoy your experience than feel rushed and pressured to catch up with students who have already taken foundation classes with me. 

"Which one is for me?"

Samples from previous classes:

How to Register

1. Visit City of Kelowna Recreation Programs & Registration 

2. IMPORTANT: Enter the barcode number (registration number) of the class you want in "Keyword Search." Class description and information appears in the "Results" section (page bottom).

3. Click on the blue "Register" button to complete registration and begin your art adventure!

BY PHONE: 250-469-8800

IN PERSON: Parkinson Recreation Centre

All classes held at Kinsmen Media Centre, Gordon & Lexington Drive in Mission Sports Field

Recommendations List

No one teacher can help you with everything you need to become a great artist. I highly recommend taking many classes from different teachers. 

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